Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Final days to receive Spring Subscription paper piece!

Do you know what traditionally is the 1st year wedding anniversary gift? It's paper! And did you know that we are in our final week of promoting the Spring 8E Quarterly Subscription piece?

We are Building, paper, 2013

We are Building is cut-scored curve folded paper and is the inaugural piece in the series! It is available until April 30 and then won't be available again on our website until August and at a premium rate. When you sign up for 8E Quarterly Subscription ($200 + shipping), you receive 4 art & design objects for each season. Sign up anytime during the year.

We are Building on Blomst Double maple shelf, 2013

We see these pieces as either building onto your art & design collection or the start of your very own curated collection. The 8E Quarterly Subscription makes an excellent wedding or birthday gift!

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