Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Launch

When things are set to launch, all must come together: People, things, weather, temperaments. To launch anticipates movement, transport, and an inward stirring that is finally turned outward.

Matthew and I have been preparing Eight Emperors for about 10 years. The past year accelerated the cumulative pieces that lead up to today. Today, the launch is happening.

As we move through the next year, our collection will grow and include more pieces, additional materials such as ceramic, and a quarterly art subscription series.

This blog will feature our studio practice and more. We are thrilled to highlight other artists and designers doing exactly what we are doing: Making things they love to make for others, the tangible aftermaths of creative sparks. One never knows where their art may end up. This blog will also zoom in on the hand held pieces in our home that were like smoke signals, initiating the origins of Eight Emperors.

We hope you stay along for the voyage! http://www.eightemperors.com

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eight Emperors Website Coming Soon

Be prepared for the Eight Emperors' website, which will be launching for the holiday season. Keep your browsers pointed at www.eightemperors.com